Sunday, 14 February 2010

NIXIE CLOCKS and other time keeping machines

Anybody over 40 knows what Nixie tubes are
Everybody younger should know what they are
Simply because they are the most beautiful way of indicating something
The price of petrol...
The total of a long sum...

And time of course
This is why I build clocks with them
I've been doing this for over ten years.
Now I will build them for you too.

Of course I'm open to all wishes or suggestions you might have.
If you want a floor standing clock, one made in maple leaf or in marble...
After all it is going to be your clock.

Below you'll find some examples.


NIXIE-U1 400€

This clock is made with the famous and very rare ZM1040.
They stand almost 60mm tall.
By far the best nixies ever build.
They come with a price too....
The tubes are covered with an orange screen to increase contrast

The box is made out of 4mm thich, laser cut steel plate.
Bend to perfection, then polished

A second indicator in the shape of an old analogue measuring instrument comes as an option.
Th eclock shows: Time 12/24h, Date and there are 2 alarms


NIXIE-U1 200€

This is the smallest clock
It uses IN17 Nixies
Very clear and sharp numbers

The orange glow together with the rough steel just make it perfect.
It measures only 100mm wide by 130mm high (4" x 5.5")
The steel is a solid 5mm thick and untreated

NIXIE-U2 250€

This one is a little higher 200mm (8")
The antique panel meter ticks away the seconds
You can choose between a white or a black scale on the meter.

NIXIE-U3 350€

A tall 600mm, 2 feet!
The seconds are displayed by a linear Nixie.
It moves up and down in a 1 second rithm, like a heart beat.
Time fascinates itself away.
Of course the U can also be made in sand blasted steel.
Or anything else you fancy.

NIXIE-U4 400

Also 600mm, 2 feet tall!
But much wider, 200mm.
The nixies are the famous ZM1040, without doubt the most beautiful Nixies ever build.
A nice, round, last century panel meter is playing pendulum for you.

A micro processor with a special program keeps the time
Extremely accurate.
The setting is easy with 2 push buttons, much like an alarm clock



This is a very special and unique clock.
I call it a linear clock, time is displayed in a linear way
It uses Bar-Graph Nixie tubes.
Very much like electronic thermometers.

NIXIE-L1 400€

The tubes flare up with a glowing orange light.

From left to right seconds, minutes, hours, 12 hours.
A fascinating play of light indicates the time
The base is a roughly polished chunk of solid steel
The 2 support cylinders are made of polished bronze
It is about 400mm high and 300mm wide (15" x 12")

The 2 special PCB's on the left control the time and one the right the height of the light column.



This is time in its simples form.
An antique round panel meter indicates the day passing

2 solid steel pillars keep the machine upright
Wood is antique waxed pine


Very simple, very elegant, very unique


And maybe the most elegant of them all...
A huge square, bakalite panel meter
Made in the 1950ties
Indicating kilo-Volts, an almost magic unit...


The base is solid polished steel
the 2 sides, rough untreated steel bars
The 4 support cylinders are made of polished bronze
It is about 600mm high and 300mm wide (24" x 12")
The wood is wallnut, oak is nice too
It weighs a good 10kg.

Detail of the meter insides, over 50 years old.

Detail of one of the "holders"

Details of the meter scale

An analogue clock ready to receive it's time keeping electronics.

To convert to $, just multiply by 1.5, or ask..